About Us

   Qinghexian Beiye automobile parts co., LTD. Company through a steady development, has successfully into the international market, with independent product development capacity, with advanced production, testing equipment and perfect modern enterprise management mechanism, and continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence in management philosophy and professional and technical personnel. With the management condition of produce high reliability products, make our product quality is guaranteed, laid a solid foundation to win the international market.

    Qinghexian Beiye automobile parts co., LTD.Global quality, reliable products, comprehensive services in China and the United States, Britain, France, Japan, New Zealand and other countries of many famous companies.

We are always learning new knowledge, set up the new concept, to achieve high standards, to adapt to the new situation as the staff of the first consideration, so that the Qinghexian Jiekang automobile parts co., LTD. in the cruel market competition, continuously improve, continuous innovation, to achieve high-end services, all-round development.

Throughout the history of enterprise: total times industry auto parts co., LTD. Will do the competition in the market challenger! Successfully entered the modern enterprise.

   Qinghexian Beiye automobile parts co., LTD.At the same time of complete enterprise software and hardware development, established the perfect modern enterprise management mechanism, build the new platform. We will adhere to the principle of customer first, excellence\", better service to the customers.